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…on Prophets of Science Fiction?

Posted in Brain Droppings, Lists, Science Channel, TV with tags , , , on January 7, 2012 by journeymantojo

Been watching this show about science fiction writers that I find kinda neat. Though some of these “prophets” are definitely in question. (I read a bit of science fiction so do I consider myself an expert. Hell yeah I do. It’s my blog!) So a little explanation. It’s on The Science Channel. It’s produced by Ridley Scott (Yeah, the Blade Runner guy). It is supposed to look at people that not only inspired today’s sci-fi but it also claims that these writers had prophecied the science of today.

Now some of the guys covered could be considered prophets (Well, maybe not prophets. More like inspirers.) They did have a futurist style to their writing. (Futurist=guys who can kind of predict what the future will be like based on modern scientific trends.)

Immediately Arthur C. Clark, Philip K. Dick, H.G. Wells come to mind. The others….not so much. Mary Shelley didn’t really futurize anything. And they focus more on Frankenstein than they did on The Last Man. The latter being a tale about mankind being wiped out by a plague seems closer to reality in this biological warfare/disease experimenting world we got going on currently. But what do I know.

Upcoming episodes will be focusing on Heinlein (Hell yeah! love this guy’s writing.), Asimov (I, Robot…..’nuff said.). These two guys are pretty big deals in sci-fi circles.

Jules Verne is also on the list….which is weird. But hell, Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, A Journey To The Center Of The Earth. But his stuff was more about high adventure than sci-fi.

The thorn in my side (And before I proceed, let me say that I loved the first trilogy) is George Lucas. George Lucas? Really? The list was that dried up? He does one good sci-fi trilogy and then a sci-fi travesty and we consider him a prophet? Come on. There are so many other choices to go with.

William Gibson: Godfather of Cyberpunk. Basically invented the idea of the internet before Al Gore even started working on it. And a dystopic future where the corporations are autonomous entities operating outside of any nations law and the poor are….well, poor. But the tech is seriously existent now and the science is proving to be pretty much now.

Gene Roddenberry: Holy shit! This should be counted considering the tech we have now that was inspired by the show. And they named a fucking shuttle after the main craft in the show.

Reader’s Pick> George Orwell, Aldous Huxley: So they really only wrote one sci-fi novel. 1984 and Brave New World respectively. But hell these things are so damn relevant to our current world. Hell, the near accuracy of some of their stuff means you’d have to change the name of the show to Sorcerer’s Who Wrote Sci-Fi On Occasion. Shit they gave one to Mary Shelley. At least these guys are more futurists.

So there you go….I picked four guys and the first two I know because I’m a sci-fi fan. Hell, I forgot the last two and found them by just scrolling this page on Wikipedia.

So come on Science Channel. Ditch the Lucas and Shelley. Let’s go for some real sci-fi guys.