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…on Becoming The Credible Hulk

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Yeah, I know I’ve used this pic before. But trust me, it fits here as well.

I’m not going to get into my opinion or political leanings. Because I just don’t feel like it right now. But what I do feel like is saying that I’m seriously tired of where our rhetoric is going and especially upset about the tireless, unfounded, ill-informed vitriol that seems to be pouring continuously from some people.

I could – just off the cuff, without actually internetting to recall – list some things that our current president is doing that upsets me. The drones memo, the “rosey-ing” of the actual budget numbers he presented during the SOTU, the extension of the NDAA….. Those three were just off the top of my head. And yeah, those are all fact checked. (That last statement is relevant as I’m about to show.)

But to continue on these total falsities that Obama is a “muslim”, “taking away our guns”, “parceling out this country piece-by-piece to foreign interest”, etc. is just…..wrong.

See, I voted Dem this last election and I’m doing a better job of giving you people hate-fodder than your “trusted” news sources. Which is where this rant is headed.

If you’re going to criticize me for my politics, please be a bit more informed. Check the facts. And for god’s sake, have some historical fucking context!

And above all else, if you sit there and in one breath explain how you “don’t read very much because I don’t like it” then in the next lecture me on my politics, well you are just not gonna like what I have to say.

This rant would be a bit longer but I had a wonderful thing happen shortly after the opts-to-be-illiterate person made her ill-informed comment.

“What?”, you ask. And even if you didn’t ask, let’s pretend you did….

I had a great discussion about economics and the budget and hypotheticals with a conservative. Yeah, a liberal and a conservative actually had a agreeable discourse. And it was good. It calmed me down because none of the talk consisted of “Reps suck dick!” or “Dems are meatjerkers!” or “Cons are closet cases!” or “Libs are tards!”.

Nope, it was a great discussion of the pros and cons of Keynesian vs. Austerity economics. He – the Con – suggested that special interest groups and lobbyist have no place in politics. I – the Lib – suggested that we needed regulations on social programs to cut down on those that actually abuse the system. Both points brought a laugh because they seemed counter to our politics. We applauded libertarian ideas and socialist ideas. We both hypothetical-ed how we would run things. And on the points where we disagreed, well we agreed to disagree. (We actually hypothetical-ed how compromises could be met on our views if we were running the show. Yeah, like they would allow that.) Just an all-around great talk. And then it became time to leave.


I’ve always been of the mind set that I don’t really care what your views are religiously, philosophically, or politically. I just want a good talk that’s your INFORMED opinion staked against mine. And please, one last caveat.

Try to be an ADULT about it. When we disagree, it’s just that….a disagreement. I have not killed your parents and there is no reason to avenge yourself because of my views.

Thank you. Man, I can’t wait to Saturday. I’ve got my political discourse fix, Now I need to get my philosophy on.


…on Piracy

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Me and a friend were talking about the old days of anime. How it was all handled by video swaps and trades. Because back then, there were no specialty mall stores handling all things anime. It was anime fans trading VHS cassettes with two or three different recorded animes. And we would take these tapes and retape them and put them into our collection and then trade out that tape for another collection of anime. Potlabor, Tank Police, Akira, Riding Bean, Ninja Scroll…..all of those I saw on bootleg tapes.

Of course I only bring this up because not even a full month before this discussion I was watching Metal Evolution. Good show dealing with the history of the metal scene. And in the thrash episode, there is Lars Ulrich talking about how in the past (the ’80’s) the only way to get music from the thrash metal scene was through tape trading. It wasn’t just limited to metal. A lot of underground scenes relied on it. Hip-hop, indie rock, alternative, DIY punk…all of them. But my point is, here was Lars Ulrich saying that tape swapping was awesome. Wait, isn’t this th guy who attacked NAPSTER? Tape swapping is file sharing people. When I was looking for the clip of him admitting to ’80’s era piracy, I stumbled on to this:

Because i only thought of tape swapping as a localized thing. But apparently, with the internet, tape swapping has become so much more. These guys are live in countries where this kind of music isn’t exactly smiled upon.

Now this isn’t me justifying it by tacking some bigger, nobler it’s-about-freedom-and-bringing-music-to-the-oppressed type cause line to this whole debate. But I am saying that it does feel that way when an Arab and an Egyptian are saying that it’s the ONLY WAY THEY CAN GET THAT MUSIC.

I’ve been in two bands. And I’ve always let it be known by my bandmates that I don’t give a shit if my music gets pirated. As long as some kid is hearing my music and getting off, getting inspired, wanting to create something himself, then I don’t care. Let them download my shit.

“What about the money dude?” That was always the counterpoint. To which I would simply say, “So the kid got my album for free. I hope he likes it. I hope he loves my music. I hope he loves it so much that he wants to see us live. That’s when he’ll fork over the cash.” We would all laugh, but the reality is… long as that kid gets that there is someone out there who feels, thinks, lives, understands what he is going through the way music has done for all of us, who cares if he stole it? Just means the executive who signed us won’t make money.

But that’s just the opinion of some struggling musician. “I’m sure your opinion would change once you get signed.” Well, let’s ask Dave Grohl.

He's a friend. He let me use his image. We're tight like that

Just a thought.

…on Composing Before Posting

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Seems I have a bit more research before I post. This has to be done right. For the sake of winning.

…on Stay Tuned To This Blog

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Some shit went down and I needed my whole body to control my anger. Politics. And now I have a place to vent. Stay tuned. I’m gonna sort out this shit and cool off. Collect my thoughts. There will be blood.

…on “And At Long Last, Shit That Pisses Me Off”

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I’m in line at a local grocer’s when I overhear a man bitching about how this country is headed for a socialist government. He also bitches about taxes. Then he proceeds to pay for his purchases with a FUCKING EBT CARD!

Look dude, I can not take your political views seriously if you do all that shit without any sense of irony. You’re really going to bitch about socialism while benefiting from a fucking socialist program? And it dawns on me. My view, politically, philosophically, religiously and socially will never jibe with everybody because the biggest tenet I try to uphold is – slowly and loudly for the people in back – DON’T BE A FUCKIN’ HYPOCRITE.

If you are on welfare – or have ever been on welfare – you can’t bitch about socialism. Because I know nobody has told you this before but….you’re soaking in it asshole. If you receive disability or social security or any other government run program of that sort….guess what you don’t get to bitch about.

If you are an atheist or neopagan or satanist or or what-the-fuck-ever….you don’t get to preach to me about how religion is ruining shit because believe it or not, your little rant is just as dogmatic as the “christian persecution” you would like to think you’re under.

If you don’t like all these taxes, I would like you to write down your name. That way, I will have a list of people who should in no way want to benefit from the shit that taxes pay for like police, fire, emergency, etc. Because I really want nice things and I only feel it fair that if you hate paying taxes and shit then I should just be able to rob you and have your nice things. Oh, and before you point out how that shit is covered by state and county tax blah, blah, blah and you’re bitching about federal tax. Yeah, remember that military you like to bring up as “defending the freedoms that this government is stealing away from you everyday”. Well, hate to rain on your liberties parade but that shit don’t pay for itself sunshine. Maybe we should start corporatizing those things. Let’s see if that jibes with your “Oh my god, don’t socialize medicine” rant.

Most of this shit really seems to be coming from the libertarian side. This may come as a surprise but there are some things that they say that I can get behind. But do you honestly think you could last in a place that was completely run that way. Lord knows I don’t want to. It reminds me to much of anarchy and I’m the first to admit that I like owning things and don’t want some asshole up and snatching my shit because it’s his “liberty” to do so. And before you get your panties in a twist, yes I get it. Libertarianism is about personal responsibility. But let’s face it, we can be a bit dickish about our shit when we think it’s our “right”. Hell, there are days that I just want to drive down the road like I’m Michael Schumacher but we have rules and shit for reasons. It’s because a lot of us are nowhere near grown enough to be deciding this shit for ourselves (Myself included.)

We are all entitled to our opinions. And it’s cool if you want to voice yours. I do constantly on this here little blog and to my friends.  But sometimes, just sometimes, you people really abuse the fucking privilege. And with absolutely no sense of mother fucking irony.

…on The State Of The Union

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“So this has proven to be one of the most anticipated State Of The Union addresses in quite some time. For those of you living under a rock…..or squarely planted in Michelle Bachman’s buttocks, here’s The Daily Shows Chief Obvious Stater to explain why. Wyatt.”

“Thank you Jon. It’s because he has BALLS!”


“So what are some of the things you think he will address in his first State Of The Union, Tom?”

“Katie, it can only be speculated. He has been so unpredictable ever since the primaries and his surprise election. And then there is the fact that he has done some very unprecedented things during his transition into office – naming his former presidential opponent to Secretary of State as well as enlisting some of his biggest opponents during his senate years to key cabinet positions – what some have started calling a ‘Team Of Rivals’ administration – to his ‘bordering on loose cannon’ speeches during the campaign. There are a lot of things on everyone’s mind but the exact details of the speech are anyone’s guess. We do know for certain that if we see his signature wink-the wink he gave his campaign manager after winning the primaries that we have discovered he means to, as he explains it, ‘address the people directly-we’re in for one heck of a show.”

“Alright Tom. Well, the Speaker and Majority Leader have taken there seats as well as the Vice President. Things are under way.”


“Ladies and gentleman….The President Of The United States Of America”


“Thank you. A quick aside, every time I hear that song I think of the movie ‘My Fellow Americans’ where Jack Lemmon asks James Garner if he ever makes up words to ‘All Hail The Chief’. Love the words he makes up. ‘All hail the chief because he’s the chief and he needs hailing’. Good movie.

I wanted to start on a light note because-


-The State Of The Union is…

In trouble. We have let fear and buzzwords fill our reality. After winning the primaries I said to myself that I was a very fortunate American to have gotten this close to the golden ring…the Presidency. And that I was no longer going to be speaking from a prompter but from my gut. My campaign manager used to joke with the others in my campaign about every time I gave a speech or did a town hall meeting ‘We’re about to see what a political suicide looks like. Brace yourselves’. Well, now as Chief of Staff I guess the joke will be ‘Let’s see how many points he can lose this time.’

Divided. That’s what we’ve become. Divided and petty. One party has a lack of ideas while the other side’s apparent concern is to refine their zealotry. And the people that suffer the most are…The People. The people who look to us for guidance in this ever-changing, rapidly-evolving world. Where old ideas and notions are falling out of practice – not because we don’t care for them anymore. They have fallen away because they have proven to be a hindrance to us. Science, religion, socionomic and economic ideas that have proven to hamper our evolution as both; a nation that heralds new ideologies and; a people that always pushes to new frontiers. Where have we gone wrong?

Petty squabbles over supposed differences. It’s become a poison to our progressive nature. The two party system has finally shown it’s negative nature. We don’t see it as ‘Good game, sir. We will meet again in four years so until then let’s do what needs to be done.’ No! We’ve adapted the mentality of sore winners and sorer losers. We’re not a nation of ‘winners and losers’. That policy has got to cease. We have been assigned to lead what was – what still IS – the greatest nation on Earth. No longer should we be a world power because we have the most guns. NO! We ARE a world power because we are a nation that has always fostered great ideas.But these ideas will not grow in a poisoned environ. They will cease being great ideas because we only introduce them as GAMBITS! As cards held up our sleeves to hinder the others great ideas.

Idealism. We built a nation on that. We resisted a tyranny. A resistance that was sparked by an IDEA. An idea that called for both great compromise and great sacrifice. But we are no longer willing to sacrifice. We now look out for the ones that line our pockets. Gold and silver may make you happy now, but for what good is that happiness if you can not know it with a CLEAR CONSCIENCE.

Democracy. A government OF the people. Not a plutocracy! Not a theocracy! A DEMOCRACY!

So here we stand. Those the people look upon – not for hand-holding – but for guidance. A beacon of light to shine as we move into the future. Will I be the most popular. No! But I will do everything within my power given to me by THE PEOPLE to make sure that this generation, and this UNITED States of America will be at the forefront of greatness. I look forward to everyone here – as well as the people of this nation – to join me.”