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…on Why I Should Be In The Band

Posted in Brain Droppings, Music, Poetry with tags , , on January 14, 2012 by journeymantojo

I’ve had a few runs at joining bands. And I’ve written some poems. And at the urging of some friends, I’ve decided to share some. Hope you enjoy.


Things I think
Thoughts are through

Felt these feelings
Filed as fool

Fill me

Caramel champagne ghost she
Morning wakeness evergreen she

Lingering expectation that ferocious
Dances wild laughing she feline

Wonderland daughter
Sleeping heartless

A draught of loss
A drought of hope
Drinking in every moment


And as a lark, I’ve decided to include a battle rap I wrote a while back. You know, to show I can sometimes emcee if need be.


I’m mystic
Solar ecliptic
You missed it
As I launch verbal ballistics

An efficient murder seems a lost cause
If I wanted your opinion, I’d work your jaw
Sometimes a thought is wasted on some
This verbal jism, my words are waiting to come
Sonnets and poetry just fall from my lips
Words and verbs like milk from a tit
Landing in your ear, make your brain all sticky
A bag of dildos, you know, a little bit dicky
If you think my words are nuts, then try on deez
My thoughts get busier than your mom on her knees
Now there’s an image that’s kinda revolting
Look at me, I’m so angry, I’m molting
Yeah, I just quoted Aladdin in my rhyme
But you’re fat and you’ll be it all the time


Thank you!


…on Follow Up Posts: Some Poetry I Wrote A While Back

Posted in Brain Droppings, Poetry with tags , on January 6, 2012 by journeymantojo

The following is a poem I wrote on a dare. A friend handed me a jumbled mess of words (They were those refrigerator poetry magnets.) and said “Do a poem with these words. Have it make sense.” When I was done he said “Wow! Dude this is good.” So I kept it. Let’s see if you can guess what I was going through when I wrote this.


Caramel champagne ghost delightfully cloud
Morning wakeness evergreen she embraces
Wonderland daughter

Lingering expectation that ferocious perfume
Dances wild laughing she feline naked
Sleeping heartless