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…on Keeping A Promise

Posted in Brain Droppings, Deep Ponderings, Happy News on February 6, 2013 by journeymantojo

Remember this one?

That was quite aways back. I started this blog to really hone my writing. Using my own voice and my own little blog to really just spew stream of consciousness writing as I try to obtain, find, discover, or at least fake my own voice.

Sadly, my blog took a back seat to other shit that made me really miss what I enjoyed. I really enjoy. Pissing and moaning and joking about a potpourri of odds and ends as they spew forth from my brain to my hands and make their way onto this humble little blog. After last nights post gaining a lot of traction (WordPress stats has declared Feb. 4th as the post that garnered me the most followers, and to you who have signed on to listen to a cynics miserable attempts at optimism I say thank you for climbing on board and hope you really enjoy the show.) I have decided to really throw in with this. To just, from now on start throwing every thought, in as fully a fleshed out way as possible, onto this little internet journal. To battle through exhaustion (Be it from working or an all-nighter session of ‘self-loving’) and post. To stop with the attempts at thought sorting and just mentally vomit onto this blog (Seriously, I’ve abandoned and lost so many post because I forgot to be all ‘stream-of-consciousness-y’ and wanted to be all ‘well-research-ied’……well-research-ied? well-research-ed? well-resea….okay, I think I killed that joke!). This also means I’ll be working more on defining, for the new readers and for the dedicated friends who’ve been with me from the start, what I guess you could really call my warped sense of reality and morals and ethics and sense of existentialism but what I prefer to call my philosophy.

So as promised, and better late than never (The credo of every lazy procrastinator, <big grinz>) I finally have it. My new year’s resolution! (But in an odd sort of way, it being late still keeps with the notion I put forward in the original post, which was regardless of what time of year, if you’re unhappy about what you’re doing, change it then instead of waiting for it to become some New Year’s promise that will inevitably fail because you didn’t make the resolution as a way to change your life but to keep with some….fuck it, you get my point. My “lateness” is open to interpretation is my point.) Let’s try this again. Without further ado. My New Year’s Resolution!! (It’s in caps now, so you know I’m serious.)

I WILL WRITE! Fully and honestly, I will write. I will be an exposed wound. I will be a nerd. I will be a cynical prick (Oooh, big shocker on that one Tony.) I will be political. And I will, as always, be a little dumb. But above all else, I will write.

So there you have it. The Journeymantojo has been hankering to get his word on. Grab a seat. Strap in. I’m about to get stupid!!


…on The Art of Bullet Dodging

Posted in Brain Droppings, Chick, Deep Ponderings, Happy News, Philosophy on February 5, 2013 by journeymantojo

It’s a subtle art that calls for grace and agility. And it should be mastered by every one. Even the belligerent like myself.

Let’s back up.

A few weeks ago I posted about a gal I was fancying and how I felt about gender assumptions. Well, I was approaching this one cautiously. Sought council with trusted friends. Had established a network of agents to operate and gather intel in my absence. A very good approach to any situation. (And they said I was crazy for reading Sun Tzu…..truthfully nobody has said that. But this is my blog so let’s all just pretend they did. I’m trying to play the part of the misunderstood dude here.)

Now, of course I wasn’t sitting around just waiting for her to magically appear in my doorway, so like I said, I was scouting and calculating risk and so on.

The attraction was part physical but it was also the strong possibility that this one might be level-headed but (And seriously, who didn’t see that coming. If there wasn’t a but this would be called “…on Life Being Pretty Sweet Right Now.”) it turns out that she lacks one of the key qualities to being level-headed.

Her downfall….she pines for someone who has no interest.

[Intermission]: For those who know my past and how far I’ve come, you will understand that despite initial appearance, this isn’t pining over an unrequited but merely a joyous rant on how people confuse me at times because this is the part where she stops being the central focus and the subject of bullet dodging takes the fore. [Game On]

Seriously, what is there to gain from it. Like, I get wanting someone. The paper I list my “date-ables” on, I could build a paper airplane the size of a Boeing 757 with the ability to comfortably accommodate…wait, how many people can comfortably fit in a 757 and how much weight would that be in both food and beverages to accommodate said passengers? Fuck, what was I metaphoring about? Damn. Oh yeah. Look, it would be a lot of paper, okay?! Can we stop putting me under all this pressure. I’ve reached my metaphor quota for this day. Either way though, yes the list is large but the emotional investment has been stopped. I no longer throw those emotions into a relationship where there is no dividend. It’s just irresponsible. So why do people still do it? Why throw away your feelings when there is someone out there who will promise better returns on the emotional investment.

Meanwhile, back at the topic of the heading. I feel I’ve dodged the bullet because like I’ve been saying this whole time, I just won’t invest in something that promises me no returns. And as an added huzzah to this successful dodging of imaginary bullet (IMAGINARY not MAGIC. These are life stories, not conspiracy theories. The JFK room is two halls over.) is the fact that a mutual acquaintance explained to me once that she doesn’t seem to be the cause of drama. The recent unfolding of events have proven to the contrary. So I have dodged the most crucial bullet of all. A drama battery.

…on Let’s Make A Pact, You’re Gonna Say Exactly What You Mean

Posted in Chick, Dating, Happy News, Romance with tags , , , on January 9, 2012 by journeymantojo

God bless all my friends, especially the female ones. And yeah, even the straight shooting ones!

I’ve sorted out what it was that had upset me. Sometimes it just takes a while to get my head around it because emotions tend to cloud my favorite pal…Logic.

I was upset because I have been around this damn ride so many times in the past month or two that, unfortunately for her, it was the straw that broke the camels back. I’ve reached a point that what needs to be said is exactly what is in your head.

Now, it is a little easier for me to say that now because my mind decided to be MORE direct. As in I was already a pretty direct person (One ex told me that she felt like sometimes I forgot that I was talking to a woman because I was too blunt…..whoops.) but now I’ve become this weird amalgamation of Asperger’s and insanity. Saying whatever comes into my head. Fuck decorum. I would like to say this was some kind of New Year’s resolution gone wrong (“Hey, I resolve to just say what I’m feeling. Hey pretty lady, your hot and why am I still wearing pants?!”) but as anyone who follows my blog knows, I’m not into resolutions.

No, this one seems to have just happened. I was talking to a friend and my head told my mouth to say “Well, I don’t foresee us fucking anytime soon so I figured I’d let you know why I’m not feeling good.” And I’ll be damned if my mouth didn’t just up and say it. My mouth is such an easy pushover, always doing what my brain tells it to do. Pussy. And boy, the look she gave me. Priceless. It wasn’t the look of “Where is your manners good sir?!?” but more of a “Good God man, would you mind taking a minute to stop violated decorum and speak as civilized people do?!?” She didn’t seem too impressed. Understandably so. In my defense, I wasn’t really saying it to impress. “Wow, that was direct!” was her response. I let out a chuckle, “Yeah, I guess so. But hell, if we can’t say what we think, what’s the point of trying?” It took her a day, but we’re back to good. Going to have coffee soon. And it’s kind of liberated her as well in a sense. (I texted her a few days ago saying “One of these days, I’m going to buy you that coffee I promised you.” Her response? “Hopefully before I’m gray!” Brought a big smile to my face.)

So, I’m not mad at my brain for doing that to me. I’m glad. It’s been a bit liberating. I’m not a person that really holds back on his opinion, or what he feels, or what he thinks, or what ever pops into his head. Asshole always seems to cross people’s lips when describing me.

Because games aren’t my thing. Don’t think I’m very good at them so I don’t play them. This little incident Friday reminded me of one of my core principles. One that somehow got lost in the paperwork. So it’s back to good ole’ me and just speaking from the one thing I’ve always trusted most…..myself.

And in response to one comment that was left on my last post: Nope, I’ve never tried to juggle more than one woman at a time while dating. 1> I don’t like being the consolation prize so I never do that to another woman; there is no “Well, if she doesn’t work out then maybe the other one I have on the line will.” 2> If at any time I feel it isn’t working, she will be the first to know. I’d rather her hate me now than weeks down the road after leading her to think there is something going on.

…on New Days

Posted in Brain Droppings, Happy News, Romance with tags , , on January 7, 2012 by journeymantojo

I’m feeling so much better today. I want to thank all of you for the comments you made and the thoughts you sent my way.

“In a world filled with uncertainty and mixed metaphors, all one man needed…..was…..(BIG EXPLOSION)…..LOVE!” (To be read in your best action movie trailer voice-over voice)

Thanks again guys.

…on Growing Up, Not Growing Old

Posted in Brain Droppings, Deep Ponderings, Happy News, Music with tags , , , on December 29, 2011 by journeymantojo

Stop microwave at 0:01……bomb defused!

When I walk up to automatic doors, I wave my hands before they open. Because I’m a sorcerer!

I sneak up on someone and say their name. Scared them? If yes, then I’m a NINJA!

Hiding in the clothes rack at a department store whispering “Pick me!” when someone is shopping. I’m the Phantom of the Kohl’s!

Drop cookie and successfully juggling, then catching said cookie. Raise hand in victory because there is no sweeter awesome than the accidental awesome!

Saying “Hey, did you see the new upsexy?” and having the person ask “What’s upsexy?” setting me up for the funniest lame ass response ever (“Not much gorgeous, what’s up with you?!”). I am a master comic!

Having a fragile item fall off a shelf and catching it before it hits the ground AND making it look effortless. I’m an ASSASSIN!

That’s what I feel like. Like I just got one over on the world. Do a little victory dance and celebrate the win.

You see, I have trouble hearing people judge me over the sound of my own AWESOMENESS! To all my friends past, present and future, thank you. It’s your little chuckles and giggles as I celebrate my awesomeness (and yours when you pull similar stunts) that make us who we are. The League Of Extraordinary Awesomers Of Epic Winitude! The LOEAOEW! (I’m admittedly still working on what we should call our superhero group!)

And to the people who worry about what strangers think. Fuck ’em! The greatest bit of wisdom I’ve ever received from an old person was “I stay this energetic because I keep this thought with me ‘Grow up, but never grow old.'”

Rock on old dude! Rock on!

Because growing old means all this shit!

And who wants that? So here’s to growing up but never growing old! If you stop having fun then you end up as….well, boring. Because one day we will get the girl who is this one.

Which means you’ll get sex!

Yeah! Enjoy this random ass post! Here’s to laughter and smiling and shit! And if you don’t? Well, throw it on the ground!


…on Taking Forever To Post

Posted in Brain Droppings, Happy News with tags , on December 27, 2011 by journeymantojo

So many thoughts roaming through my head. All of them building steam as the holidays went on. Geez Louise. What a hectic week it’s been. Money stress, neglecting this project, worrying about when and where my next bit of ass might happen, wondering if I should have added that last thought, dealing with a feverish feeling without having an actual damn fever.

It seems in my absence I gained a new follower who has even nominated me for a blogging award! Sweet! I will have to post about that one later…once I’ve figured out how to copy the image and sort out who I will nominate.

So here is the post making excuses for procrastinating and a promise that once my mind settles, I will post something relevant. It seems my mind has drifted off and I’m a bit tired. So goodnight and I will be back to my regular schedule (Once a day, Sundays off) soon.


…on Friends With The Opposite Sex

Posted in Chick, Chick Friends, Happy News on December 12, 2011 by journeymantojo

I met her through a friend’s girlfriend. They were friends and came over together and were hanging out while I happened to be there (I say it like I “just” happened to be there. I was actually staying there crashing on his couch for a bit. So I happened to be there because I was living there.)

She was cool and we had a bit in common and she was really honest. A bit shy but never afraid to be herself. Oh’ and she happened to be married.


Oh well I figured. To be honest, I was in no position to be wooing anyone let alone looking to start something. So we talked and had a great time and that was the end.

I ran into her again at my buddies wedding. I was the best man and she was a bridesmaid (maid of honor if memory serves. This was while I was still “using” so my memory tends to blur sometimes.) We talked some more but again, she was married and I was eyeing another chick. So she helped me hook-up with said chick. Me and this gal dated for a while. Because it brought me into that circle of friends it meant we would all hang out at the married gal’s house often. While there, me and Married Woman would stay up talking about wanting to be writers and reading nerdy stuff and all the different experiences we got into. We became closer as friends.

So when the break-up happened, Married Gal came over to my place to help me through it. Friends with my ex but was over there talking me through the split up.

We lost touch for a while. Didn’t really hang out after the break-up. Living our lives.

A few years later we ran into each other. She had gotten a divorce (which I was totally for. And not for crush reasons. The guy was just not right for her at all.) I contemplated asking her out but felt it just wasn’t right what with her being “recently divorced”. Didn’t want to be the “rebound” guy. So I would run into her occasionally and we’d talk for a bit and then go our separate ways.

During this time I got sober. I cleaned up. Quit the drugs and hard partying and started to get my life in check. I was actually getting my head right and becoming myself again.

A short time later (a few years or so I think.) I found out through a friend that she had started dating some guy and that things were going great. I wanted to be upset for missing my shot but, I was really genuinely happy for her. We finally got in touch via getting each others number and I found out that this guy was the bees knees according to her. She had become less shy, started smiling a lot more. I can’t say if it was him or not, but there was definitely some coincidences with them meeting and her happiness increasing.

We kept in touch through text. I started going to her about relationships and all that stuff because (Through her insightful nature) she really knew me and hell, her relationship was the tops so who better to ask than someone who had seen the bad and the good. We would hang out and she would give me the female perspective and we would talk about life and being nerds. Life, loves, everything.

A few months after being back in touch she told me some awesome news. Her boyfriend of a few years had finally popped the question. I was happy for her. Now I had to meet this guy who was making my friend smile.

I got to meet the guy briefly. And from the quick read and what she’s told me of him, this guy really does rock. He’s a laid back groovy dude. And he has gotten her into playing Exalted (Nerds know what I’m talking about.) She text me the other night about how she’s become a gamer girl. That’s hilarious to me because she used to be so shy and now she’s showing veteran gamers how it’s done.

I now count her as one of my best friends. And I hope that nothing ever changes. I hope to be a part of her life for the rest of my days. She was the first one to really show me that the opposite sexes can be friends.

So here’s to you Janie and Eli. It’s a bit late – and this was a round-a-bout way of saying it, but congratulations on the news and I hope for the very best for both of you. Now when’s the date and where’s my damn invite?