…on Becoming The Credible Hulk


Yeah, I know I’ve used this pic before. But trust me, it fits here as well.

I’m not going to get into my opinion or political leanings. Because I just don’t feel like it right now. But what I do feel like is saying that I’m seriously tired of where our rhetoric is going and especially upset about the tireless, unfounded, ill-informed vitriol that seems to be pouring continuously from some people.

I could – just off the cuff, without actually internetting to recall – list some things that our current president is doing that upsets me. The drones memo, the “rosey-ing” of the actual budget numbers he presented during the SOTU, the extension of the NDAA….. Those three were just off the top of my head. And yeah, those are all fact checked. (That last statement is relevant as I’m about to show.)

But to continue on these total falsities that Obama is a “muslim”, “taking away our guns”, “parceling out this country piece-by-piece to foreign interest”, etc. is just…..wrong.

See, I voted Dem this last election and I’m doing a better job of giving you people hate-fodder than your “trusted” news sources. Which is where this rant is headed.

If you’re going to criticize me for my politics, please be a bit more informed. Check the facts. And for god’s sake, have some historical fucking context!

And above all else, if you sit there and in one breath explain how you “don’t read very much because I don’t like it” then in the next lecture me on my politics, well you are just not gonna like what I have to say.

This rant would be a bit longer but I had a wonderful thing happen shortly after the opts-to-be-illiterate person made her ill-informed comment.

“What?”, you ask. And even if you didn’t ask, let’s pretend you did….

I had a great discussion about economics and the budget and hypotheticals with a conservative. Yeah, a liberal and a conservative actually had a agreeable discourse. And it was good. It calmed me down because none of the talk consisted of “Reps suck dick!” or “Dems are meatjerkers!” or “Cons are closet cases!” or “Libs are tards!”.

Nope, it was a great discussion of the pros and cons of Keynesian vs. Austerity economics. He – the Con – suggested that special interest groups and lobbyist have no place in politics. I – the Lib – suggested that we needed regulations on social programs to cut down on those that actually abuse the system. Both points brought a laugh because they seemed counter to our politics. We applauded libertarian ideas and socialist ideas. We both hypothetical-ed how we would run things. And on the points where we disagreed, well we agreed to disagree. (We actually hypothetical-ed how compromises could be met on our views if we were running the show. Yeah, like they would allow that.) Just an all-around great talk. And then it became time to leave.


I’ve always been of the mind set that I don’t really care what your views are religiously, philosophically, or politically. I just want a good talk that’s your INFORMED opinion staked against mine. And please, one last caveat.

Try to be an ADULT about it. When we disagree, it’s just that….a disagreement. I have not killed your parents and there is no reason to avenge yourself because of my views.

Thank you. Man, I can’t wait to Saturday. I’ve got my political discourse fix, Now I need to get my philosophy on.


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