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…on A Work In Progress

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That’s what the title is. It’s getting bigger than me. Everyday it’s a new page and a new thought. It’s the post that’s been building and building.


…on “Please Take Off My Van Halen Shirt Before You Jinx The Band And They Break Up”

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Sitting here going through some YouTube videos listening to some old faves when the thought popped into my head “Man, even though there is still an emotional twinge I feel when I listen to the song, I’m glad she didn’t ruin this band for me.”

You see, I hate the concept of “This is our song!” I mean, I get the notion and it’s inevitable because music speaks to us on a primal level. It helps trigger the memory. So sometimes it can be an awesome mnemonic device for remembering the better memories. But the part I hate is when you go through the hairy ass break-up. It always means that when you listen to a song, the emotional connection reemerges.

Now in some cases it’s okay. She was a huge John Mayer fan. So when ever I hear Mr. Mayer, I think of her and my blood boils up a bit. It was a seriously hairy ass break-up. So the “hate” springs back up. So naturally I’m gonna hate the artist because he is inadvertently bringing up the memory. But I can say that I’ve never liked John. So….no loss. Don’t like John Mayer, so I don’t have a hard time changing the station. It actually gives me more reasons to not like his music haha! (Like you needed more reasons?!)

It does suck when you are into a band though. Now you have to either dwell on the good moments in a fit of emotional suffering because the connection is there with the song or change the station. Which you don’t want to do because you liked that song before you even met that bitch.

Yeah, those are the “This is our song!” moments. The ones that make you hate a band because every time you hear Use Somebody, you get down.

“She reached across the console and took my hand. Looks into my eyes and said ‘I feel like this because no one ever got me the way you do’. It’s our anthem.”

So when I hear it, I remember those words and have to change the station. Which sucks. It’s a great song. I’ve gotten over her and have moved on. And now I hear the song and hear a good song. But every now and again, the connection creeps back.

Thankfully she never ruined Jack Johnson. That would have sucked. Flake is an awesome tune to hear when you are trying to pull yourself out of that pit. Or The Bravery.

And I would have been livid if she had ruined Marvin Gaye. But then again, Let’s Get It On is a love making song… there’s no emotional attachment associated with that song for us guys haha!

Now I get to leave you with a song that just makes me smile.

You guys have fun. And if she says “This is our song!” Respond with “Oh hell no. I don’t want to have to go through the hell of hating good music if we break up. Let’s make a song I hate our song!” 😛

…on Composing Before Posting

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Seems I have a bit more research before I post. This has to be done right. For the sake of winning.

…on Stay Tuned To This Blog

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Some shit went down and I needed my whole body to control my anger. Politics. And now I have a place to vent. Stay tuned. I’m gonna sort out this shit and cool off. Collect my thoughts. There will be blood.

…on “Are You Black?”

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So a few weeks back a friend said something that I agree with. We were in complete concordance. And my choice word for when I’m in agreement is “word”. And I was asked, “Are you black?”

Really? Didn’t know that words were race specific. This wouldn’t have bothered me but it happened a few weeks later. I saw something awesome and said, “Dude, that is stupid fresh!” And was promptly met with “Uh, when did you turn black?”

Are you fucking kidding me? If someone would’ve said “Dude, the eighties (stupid fresh)/nineties (word) called and they want their catch phrase back!” I would’ve laughed with them. Because they are dated expressions. (I feel they should come back and I am doing my damnedest to bring them back!) But race specific? I love the fact that my black friends look at me when I say shit like that like I’m a time traveler who just arrived from the eighties.

But never once has a black man just arrived and said “Excuse me homie! It appears you have been using some of our phrases without express written permission. We are going to have to place you under arrest and have you meet before the tribunal of rap stars and actors who helped popularize said expressions and see if you qualify as ‘urban’ enough to say them.” Why? Because they don’t give a fuck! Because it’s just some words (sometimes very dated) that are strung together that – in my less than humble opinion – express whatever the situation calls for.

If something is so fucking epic that words fail…then it’s stupid fresh. If I could not be in anymore possible agreement, as in nothing more needs to be added to your already valid point…then word works.

Weird how nobody bitches when I use ‘oi’ as an expression of frustration. I’m not British. Or when I call a pizza a ‘pie’. I’m not a New Yorker. Or when something is ‘wicked <insert abstract noun here> (Example: “That’s wicked awesome”, “Dude, she’s wicked stupid!”, “Man, I’m wicked sick.”). I’m not a Bostonian.

And hell, I also have been known to say ‘copacetic’, ‘jake’, ‘pimp’, ‘money’, ‘sweet’, etc.

No. They just bitch when I use “black” words or phrases.Yeah, I’m thinking it’s time to reevaluate who I call my “friend/homey/holmes/mate/pal/buddy/brah/homeslice/nizzle”.

…on Why I Should Be In The Band

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I’ve had a few runs at joining bands. And I’ve written some poems. And at the urging of some friends, I’ve decided to share some. Hope you enjoy.


Things I think
Thoughts are through

Felt these feelings
Filed as fool

Fill me

Caramel champagne ghost she
Morning wakeness evergreen she

Lingering expectation that ferocious
Dances wild laughing she feline

Wonderland daughter
Sleeping heartless

A draught of loss
A drought of hope
Drinking in every moment


And as a lark, I’ve decided to include a battle rap I wrote a while back. You know, to show I can sometimes emcee if need be.


I’m mystic
Solar ecliptic
You missed it
As I launch verbal ballistics

An efficient murder seems a lost cause
If I wanted your opinion, I’d work your jaw
Sometimes a thought is wasted on some
This verbal jism, my words are waiting to come
Sonnets and poetry just fall from my lips
Words and verbs like milk from a tit
Landing in your ear, make your brain all sticky
A bag of dildos, you know, a little bit dicky
If you think my words are nuts, then try on deez
My thoughts get busier than your mom on her knees
Now there’s an image that’s kinda revolting
Look at me, I’m so angry, I’m molting
Yeah, I just quoted Aladdin in my rhyme
But you’re fat and you’ll be it all the time


Thank you!

…on Gaming Soundtracks: Cyberpunk Edition

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Warning: This one is for my gaming friends. My usual followers will find my talk of “cybers” and “runners” a bit weird. But I’m a nerd. So I’m gonna nerd out for a bit and just talk to the gamers.

2nd Warning: Some of this music is for adults only. Though I do still snicker when I hear ‘dick’ in the lyrics. And some of these lyrics are…well, they’re not for the timid.

Now I’m not referring to video games. I’m talking the table top stuff. It’s something I always hear when I’m listening to a record or soundtrack or music in general. “Man, this is giving me some awesome imagery. Let’s use this.”

Now when it’s a future setting I prefer something electronic or mind blow-y. Like:

Yeah, that’s the major from Ghost in the Shell. One of the greatest cyberpunk anime to date…in my less than humble opinion. The song is from Stand Alone Complex. Phenomenal show and one of the best sources for cyberpunk imagery and stories. Pop this one in to prep myself for the game. Lots of synth. And awesome vocals.It just makes me think of fast paced, somber moments. And drop ships. Don’t know why it does the last.

Got combat? Need the dice to roll? Shit hit the fan and you got guys dicking around? I throw this one in. Fast paced and keeps the bullets flying. There is a reason this shit works in movies. Because it gets blood going. And it will keep the dice hot so you don’t have anybody “strategizing”. Other really good bullet throwers:

Anything to keep the action going. I always like the feel to be anything that just keeps the action going. Stay in character and fight. Noise = chaos. So thrash never hurts.

High speed and full of noise. And for those who like to make an entrance. Fully cybered and owns the room.

And come on. Slow waltz into a club only to have shit go down. Yeah. Oldie but a goodie. And while we’re on the subject of shit breaking down.

A runner’s worst nightmare. A hack that goes scary….fast.

Hand-to-hand always seems to break down game flow. But if you keep the players heads in the game, it becomes an epic experience. I always like this one for when your cybers decide to handle it old skool.

And yeah, even your cybers will need to go lo-fi on some runs. Other lo-fi guerrilla warfare aka the house to house shit type music below.

Yeah, like that. And….

Hey! It’s a song about robbing and living criminal….you know, like all the illegitimate actions your runners and cybers will be doing. Ante Up.

This one has actually led to some very good situations. Cybers and runners suddenly becoming the most dangerous element in the game….men with no more shits to give. Even the gamers who didn’t even like hip-hop went insane in the game. Lit cigarettes, action, bullets, broken arms, and just general mayhem. Ordered chaos…with lyrics.

That should be enough to get it going. But let’s close with a good finale. The summation. The cool down. The what-the-hell-went-down part. ExP and awards. Divvy the loot and vanish into the shadows until your tapped for the next run.

Good run. See you guys at the next game.