…on New Year’s Eve


I’ve got it. Somebody asked me if I had a New Year’s resolution a few days back (Actually nobody asked me that but this little post needed a starting point and this is what I had. Let me fuck this chicken, okay.) and I didn’t have an answer.

But I got one now. My New Year’s resolution is…….to come up with some resolutions next year.

Because I don’t buy it. If there was something that made me unhappy then I will change it….right when I realize I’m unhappy with it.

And there is the gist of this little post. I am happy. Not entirely. I mean, I am human and American and a dreamer and a romantic and a Libra and I ramble…..and from that last word I’m also an obvious stater. So there are things I wish I was doing (Starting on my epic novel of epicness and adventure, on a plane to an island, in a bed with a beautiful woman, saving the world from SPECTRE……seems I wish I were James Bond apparently.) But on the whole, I’m pretty content. The novel will happen. The beautiful woman will happen. The island may not but a beach somewhere will. As for SPECTRE…well, they’ll get away this time but there will be a day when I can finally vanquish them and free the world from their tyranny.

My point is….no regrets. Fall in love people. Get on the plane – unless it’s you being lead onto a plane at gun point in which case DON’T GET ON THE PLANE, FIGHT BACK! Or if you can’t afford the tickets at this time, but in that case I would like to addend that to “save your money for the tickets to get on said plane”. Wrestle that bear (Only apply this one if you happen to be at a carnival and bear wrestling is one of the events where they are allowing the audience to participate because the secret is the bear is tame and has been trained for show so it’s pretty safe.)

I intend to live a little more this year. I hope every body else does the same.


7 Responses to “…on New Year’s Eve”

  1. “Because I don’t buy it. If there was something that made me unhappy then I will change it”

    Absolutely agree, NYE pisses me off because people make a big deal of trying to make change. Change on any given day if you hate it. We’re just so very “event” based in our focus and in how we do things.. esp change 😉

  2. Mona Lisa Says:

    I stumbled upon your blog today, and I think you are absolutely hilarious! You have a good perspective on life, and I appreciate your sense of humor 🙂 Thank you for the entertainment.
    -Mona Lisa

  3. I hope to actually live a little bit more this year, too. College, here I come!

    • I’ve already started looking into what it takes to gain citizenship in other countries. And I’ve been nominated for two different blogging awards. It seems that I am a pretty good writer. I never knew, seriously.

  4. […] Now, it is a little easier for me to say that now because my mind decided to be MORE direct. As in I was already a pretty direct person (One ex told me that she felt like sometimes I forgot that I was talking to a woman because I was too blunt…..whoops.) but now I’ve become this weird amalgamation of Asperger’s and insanity. Saying whatever comes into my head. Fuck decorum. I would like to say this was some kind of New Year’s resolution gone wrong (“Hey, I resolve to just say what I’m feeling. Hey pretty lady, your hot and why am I still wearing pants?!”) but as anyone who follows my blog knows, I’m not into resolutions. […]

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